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Friday, 13 December 2013

Does Anorexia Ever Really Go?

Reading an old account of a 10 year struggle with anorexia written by Lizzie Porter in The Times led me to wonder if anorexia ever really goes.

I was thinking about this because yesterday I was speaking to colleagues about their treatment of a 17 year old girl who was in hospital with anorexia but that was a while ago.  The team feel stuck. Her body mass index is 19 now so she is relatively safe. Should they go on and on with therapy?

Endless therapy can teach a person that they cant cope on their own, so I worry a little about this. We all have times in our lives when we may need someone to support us But this support can be a double edged sword. A lot of therapists are guilty about keeping someone in an endless treatment loop.

Life is stressful and the old backups of tribes and old wise people just aren't there to keep us going any more. But do we have to keep treating people who are possibly OK for now?

I've had letters from people with anorexia who feel completely in thrall to their illness even after many years. If it is so bad that they barely function then yes, some kind of help is needed but which help will this be?

As for the rest, if we are coping and safe we may have to learn meet life on our own. Perhaps find friends to support us rather than "experts".  I fear to convince people that the only way they can survive it to be with a therapist.  Food for thought.

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Monday, 9 December 2013

Obesity Academics For Sale

Today I found myself arguing quite passionately with a member of the NICE Obesity coordination team against the proposal that obese diabetics be put on a very low calorie liquid diet programme.

I suspect that there are interested commercial organisations who are interested in both the proposal and the research which has led to it. What about all the evidence that show the possible long term effects of these diets on weight maintenance, addictive behaviour,  binge eating and subsequent ill health?

About a year ago I read a most favourable review about VLCD diets from Dr Ian Campbell who was a very prominent person in the National Obesity Forum. I wondered where this enthusiasm came from.  Not one word about their potential side effects.  Dear oh dear!

I would guess that most of these commercial weight loss operations - any of them, get an obesity academic on board to lend authority to their operations. Susan Jebb perhaps the most prominent was adopted by Rosemary Conley and by Weight Watchers in 2010. 

Shame on individuals who take the Kings Silver which essentially prevents them from speaking out at any time against the practices of the organisations that they represent. Good treatment? The obese and sick hardly have a hope.