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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Intermittent Fasting: Our Professional Opinion

Hello everyone.

For an in depth overview of our latest opinion of Intermittent Fasting, follow this link.


We can tell its summer here, the phones have gone quieter. Does this mean that people aren't worrying about their weight and their eating?  I don't think so, this is the time of the dreaded swimming costume; this is the month of ice cream and holiday splurging.

What have I been doing? I've been reading two separate accounts of anorexia which the writers wish to publish. I have been immersed in their private and intense suffering. What a terrible illness anorexia is, I'm so ANGRY with it and so SAD about it.

What is clear to me that Anorexia is the tip of the iceberg. The ONLY reason anorexia comes in to someone's life is that there is a fundamental weakness in someone's ability to manage life and other people. Life is stressful. Relationships are the source of joy and also pain. We need a web of confidence and inner strength to be able to cope with it all. Anorexia is a story of holes in this web. We all have some holes but if there are too many holes the web caves in.

Different stories, but the same symptoms, the same presentation, the same pain. Do we need more accounts of anorexia to help us KNOW what to do about it? Your thoughts appreciated.

Happy holidays...