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Thursday, 5 January 2012

To Detox Or Not To Detox, That Is The Question

I wonder how many of you out there are thinking of detoxing, exercising, doing Dukan and purging yourself of the excess food and drink that comes your way at this time of the year.

Have you noticed how many ads there are for weight control and cleansing which are in your face right now?  Weight Watchers have produced a 3 minute ad which calls directly to all the guilt buttons in people who arent a perfect size 10. The Times are running a series by some crazy person who calls upon the Fat Bitch mentality to motivate people to take on the True Grit of daily workouts.  Not dieting? Not detoxing? Not running 5 miles a day? Shame on you!

I have an Facebook page for National Centre for Eating Disorders and it horrifies me that all the ads that are on the right side of the page are for instant tummy flatteners, diet products and quick fix weight loss products that are mad, bad or dangerous.  

You don't need to detox, just take care of yourself, eat generally healthy food and go for some walks to admire the scenery not shed the calories. Its not a crime to be unfit - yes, really.  A healthy mind will promote a healthy body so focus on that first and foremost.

We need a helpline for people who feel that they are in danger of being buried by the January avalance of detoxing and bootcamping programmes. Do yourself a favour. Just say NO.

Happy New Year. Make this the year you put eating disorders behind you.

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  1. Well said Deanne! I was horrified to watch the first program of the annual January TV series in Ireland, Operation Transformation, last night. When has it ever been ok to show an obese man, in lycra bicycle shorts on national TV, weigh himself? I HATE the shaming element of most anti-obesity campaigns. Our message should be exactly as you say - be healthy, be well, allow yourself to eat everything (some stuff in moderation), take exercise to get fit and fresh air, and then get on with your life.

    Shame it's so contrary to what all the TV programs and magazines are telling everyone at this time of year - shame and guilt are not motivating, on the contrary, they feed into the negative circle of binge eating and emotional eating.

    Happy New Year. Let your 2012 mantra be "I want to be healthy", and see where that brings you.

    Emma Murphy