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Monday, 7 April 2014

Tips For Working with Anorexia

Everyone needs help with anorexia.

No one fully understands it. Even people who suffer don't really understand it. Anorexia doesn't happen because your mother didn't love you enough or because you were teased in your childhood.

Many people live with low level anorexia - perhaps we call them "orthorexics" or they just happen to run marathons every week.  They are quite thin but they say that they just look after themselves. Since they aren't skeletal we just pretend that they don't have "issues".

Even people who had quite serious anorexia once upon a time find that it doesn't really ever go away.

So I'm going to write some of my thoughts about anorexia on my website blog. They are just to help us all think out of the box. I am not going to pretend that I have all the answers about helping people to stop starving, stop running marathons or going on long bike rides when the rest of us are happy to sit by the fire and rest. In fact if they don't want to stop doing what they are doing, I wouldn't have a chance.

So here we are, the first post on my lovely website is here at http://eating-disorders.org.uk/tips-for-working-with-anorexia/

 If you want to help me with your comments and ideas please do. I need and welcome your input.
Love to you all.

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