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Monday, 8 June 2015

Fat Camps For Obese Children

Mother is asking us to pay for her obese child to go to a Fat Camp, run by Professor Paul Gately.

The child is blaming the mother for making her fat, perhaps the child is right and perhaps it is just bad luck. There are many reasons why a child is fat. But looking at the mum the child might be right, mum looks like she needs help as well.

There are thousands of obese children out there, who have obese parents who haven't taken a look at  their own relationship with food. Nothing will change unless everything changes in the family.

If you know someone in the NHS who has anything to do with this family, get them to have a word with me. I can give them some advice.

Changing a weight problem in the family is long term, it is an enormous ask, it takes a village to heal a child and her parents, not just a fat camp.  Perhaps I should write a longer article about how to help overweight children on our website, its sorely needed. But fat camps have to be the last resort.

see my blog on http://www.eating-disorders.org.uk

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