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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Emma Woolf Letting Go Like Elsa In Frozen?

Letting Go: How to Heal Your Hurt, Love Your Body and Transform Your Life.

A new memoir of recovery from the girl who wrote An Apple A Day a century ago. Emma does what we therapists find hard to put into words, finding recovery not just in weight gain but in healing the mind, body, heart and soul of someone who has been caught in the claws of an eating disorder. As one of my patients put it, Letting Go, is like restoration of a stately home.

Can it help someone who is still sick and listening to the unforgiving anorexic Voice?  Perhaps it can. I hope it can. You can see a short review on our website http://eating-disorders.org.uk/emma-woolf-lets-go-and-heals/

but better still, read this book, a gift for therapists and patients alike.

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