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Thursday, 15 January 2015

More About The Personalised Diet

The more I look at this programme the more worried I am becoming. There is some good stuff in it. There are strategies that benefit everyone, like eating slowly and mindfully, teaching people to eat while doing nothing else, finding out that many normal people compensate for exercising by doing less later -hoho!

But I am still absolutely flummoxed by the science behind putting constant cravers on an intermittent fasting programme.  Where is the research behind this? We learn that this group of people are always looking compulsively at food, at people eating it, at shops selling it.  I think we need to know more about it. It is like an obsession. Is it just about lacking leptin sensitivity?   Perhaps the ancestors of the constant cravers were trapped in a famine.

Perhaps the constant craver is behaving like an addict. Perhaps the constant craver has problems in the  opioid centres of the brain. Experts call it Reward Deficiency Syndrome.  Why didn't they think about that? The so called experts have PICKED OUT BITS OF THE PHYSICAL PUZZLE which suit their programme. But have they looked at the whole map?

Either way if you are a constant craver it seems to make sense that you need to eat frequently but a diet very high in protein and complex carbohydrate too. You need to wear an elastic band on your wrist and snap it whenever you NOTICE you are looking at food. You need to keep binge food out of the house.

Intermittent fasting will make the cravings even WORSE. Oh sure you will lose weight while you do the diet, but you will become even more sensitive to the sights and smells of food. I've a lot of research to prove this point.

OK I'm not trying to dismiss the whole programme, but I'm also something of an obesity expert and I'm asking valid questions. You people out there also need to be asking questions and wondering if these world class experts may have sold their souls to the BBC for the money they will be making out of this programme. They are telling a sort of lie, which is that a particular DIET suits different types of people while the work they do in the background suggests that many more psychological interventions are necessary for someone to lose weight and keep it off. And these other strategies are not just "CBT"

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