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Friday, 15 July 2011

Body Image, How Do You Feel About Your Body, Continued.

I have been writing about the media and bodies. How do we get the balance right between encouraging people to take responsibility for their eating in this food filled society, versus promoting eating disorders?

This quite topical, today an article in the Daily Mail proposed to have fat children put into care. One obesity expert,  Kelly Brownell said that some parents are lazy and some are thwarted and some are ignorant. So there we are.  It's a very contentious solution.

I have listened to many proposals for managing media images to prevent body dissatisfaction. They seem like small solutions to big problems, such as putting health warnings on airbrushed pictures. Or being absolutely frank about the amount of airbrushing that has been done. I do not think this will be popular with celebrities.

Some schools offer media awarness training for adolescent pupils, but these are few and far between. So, we are what we are, a culture saturated with images with bodies that can never stay slim enough, perfect enough or slim enough to measure up for long. Not all of us are suffering because of this but some people are. If you think that your thoughts about your body are driving you mad, call us 0845 838 2040 or read about body image in our time on our information page. http://www.eating-disorders.org.uk/     We can help.

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