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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Death of Amy Winehouse

There is a great deal written about Amy Winehouse this week and I like many others have been drawn to listening to her music. We have had the typical musings about the waste and costs of drug addiction and the importance of rehab and other forms of treatment.

But did anyone ever consider that she may have suffered as a consequence of low weight.  I was struck by her early photos and she was clearly a very different size and shape in her teenage years - chubby even.

There is a very strong link between bulimia and addictions, in particular alcohol in both sexes. A lesser link, but one none the less, between anorexia and addiction. The presence of body image problems makes it harder for someone to recover from an addiction. When you stop using, you may gain weight or start feeling fat. This is partly because you start experiencing emotions in your body where emotions must be felt.

If you are bulimic or anorexic, the health risks of addiction are magnified. With poor nutrition, the heart can simply stop beating.

We have yet to discover more about her untimely death. But why haven't I seen any mention of an eating disorder yet? Perhaps?

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