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Monday, 11 July 2011

Obesity Surgery: North Staffs NHS Trust & Mr Condliffe. Barking Up The Wrong Tree?


This gentleman has been refused obesity surgery and is appealing the decision of the North Staffordshire NHS Trust. He claims that he will die if he doesnt have it. The Trust says that he isn't fat enough yet. Many people overeat to gain weight so that they can qualify for the surgery. Then they have to undereat to prove to the Trust that they are capable of managing their diet.


Mr Condliffe who wants the surgery needs to understand that the surgery isn't a panacea. If he has a bypass or the gastric sleeve his diabetes will go away and he will lose a lot of weight for a while. He will have to eat a very modified diet and he won't be able to turn to the jam butties very easily if he is stressed. If he doesn't sort out his relationship with food, he could get in  trouble down the line.

On the other hand if he has a gastric band, it may be a total waste of money.

North Staffordshire NHS Trust could have saved itself a great deal of time and money if it had paid The National Centre for Eating Disorders for Mr Condliffe to have an eating disorder assessment. This would have cost them about £55. If Mr Condliffe is eating for comfort a great deal, a course of eating disorder treatment would have gone a long way toward dealing with his weight problems and also his diabetes. His family would also benefit from the knock on effects of his counselling - in terms of their overall lifestyle and his ability to exercise.

Who is to blame here when someone gets into such a fix? Is it the GP who treats the diabetes but doesn't provide the help for the underlying problems with food? Is it the Trust who doesn't see that a course of counselling costing, say, £500 - is far cheaper than everything else? Why is everyone barking up the wrong tree?

Would someone please find a way to get this Blog to North Staffordshire NHS Trust and to Mr Condliffe and I will offer this gentleman an eating disorder assessment free of charge. Call 0845 838 2040 or email admin@ncfed.com

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